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Coaching FAQs

  What is coaching?


According to the Puget Sound Coaching Association, “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”


  What is counseling?


According to the American Counseling Association, “Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.”


  So, how is coaching different from counseling?


There is some overlap between the two in that both can focus on education, career, and life goals; and on the emotions experienced by the client.

Counseling can focus on the past, on the story, and how it affects the client in today’s world.

Coaching tends to focus more on the future and the business of moving forward.

Another difference is that counseling tends to focus on diagnosing the specific challenge(s) and assigning a diagnosis code to it or them. There are no diagnoses in coaching. This means that insurance is not involved in any way in coaching, which means that coaching is always paid for out-of-pocket.


  What can a Divorce Coach do for me?


Check out this Huffington Post article.  
  What can I expect? We’ll start out with a Discovery Session where we'll:
  • talk about the situation at hand,
  • discuss how coaching can help,
  • talk about options for how we proceed,
  • set up the next appointment.

During the next session we’ll:

  • review the goals for the overall coaching process,
  • discuss how those goals can be approached,
  • determine the specific goals for the session,
  • choose the steps the client will take before the following session,
  • set up the next appointment.

Subsequent sessions:

  • begin with a discussion of the actions the client has taken since the last meeting,
  • talk about what did or did not go as expected,
  • determine the specific goals for the session,
  • choose the steps the client will take before the following session,
  • set up the next appointment.

During the final session we'll:

  • celebrate the successes that have been achieved,
  • discuss the next steps the client will take,
  • discuss any critical junctures that are on the horizon.

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  Will the coach tell me how to fix this?


This type of coaching is not like sports coaching. The coach is not going to tell their client what to do. The coach will help their client focus on the decisions they need to make and in setting and achieving goals that move them toward the better life they want and deserve. Coaches are facilitators, not advisors.

A coach is not a therapist.

Coaching is designed to focus on taking the actions to help accomplish the goals that the client defines. The client is responsible for their own mental health throughout the process.

The information exchanged between the coach and the client is confidential except as required by law.

A coach is not an attorney and cannot advise on what the client's rights are or what issues are involved in their case. The client is responsible for consulting with an attorney regarding any legal matters throughout the process.

A coach is not a CPA or a licensed financial advisor, and cannot advise the client on financial issues and/or tax matters in their case. The client is responsible regarding any financial/tax matters throughout the process.

(Divorce Coaching, Inc. 2018)



  I saw you for couples’ counseling. Can I now see you for Divorce Coaching?
This gets into a potential ethical issue. If the person you are breaking up with now is the same person involved in our couples’ counseling, then, unfortunately, I will not provide Divorce Coaching for you. However, if the person you’re breaking up with is not the same one involved in our couples’ counseling, then we can talk about Divorce Coaching.
  I've heard about a "sponsor" in coaching. What the heck is a sponsor?
According to the International Coach Federation (ICF),

"The 'Client/Coachee' is the person(s) being coached."

"The 'sponsor' is the entity (including its representatives) paying for and/or arranging for coaching services to be provided."

In many cases, the client and the sponsor are the same person.


  So, how much is this going to cost?
The cost of coaching will be discussed during the Discovery Session.

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