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Hi, I'm Rod Wright, owner of Brick Road Coaching, LLC.

I believe that people are on their own journey and that one person's journey is not necessarily the right one for another person. I help people remove the roadblocks from their journey so they can have the best possible life that's right for them.

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3355 Saint Johns Lane Suite F
Ellicott City, Maryland 20142-2600

(second floor, in the back.)


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What is coaching?

What is counseling?

How is coaching different from counseling?

Divorce Coaching

I am trained in Divorce Coaching, which means that I help my clients work through the divorce process. I do this by helping them prepare to meet with other divorce professionals such as attorneys, mediators, financial planners, etc. I cannot help review or complete legal or court forms. Those are specifically designed for attorneys.

By going through the coaching process, and preparing to meet with these other professionals, clients are better prepared and tend to spend less time with the other professionals, which means spending less money with them.

People are often not at their best when going through a separation or divorce, and a Divorce Coach can help them reframe what they're experiencing and introduce other options to consider.

Coaching can also help the client be better prepared to interact with their spouse/partner in a more effective manner, with the goals of lowering their stress level, being able to move forward, and in getting what they need.

Check out the American Bar Association's definition of Divorce Coaching.

Check out this article on 3 Things A Divorce Coach Can Do For You.

While I am specifically trained in Divorce Coaching, my skills can help those who need coaching in other areas of their life.


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